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Since 1975 Chlorinators Incorporated has successfully been in the water and wastewater treatment business, but their history goes back even farther to 1960, when Jim Haskett designed and patented the first direct-cylinder-mounted all vacuum gas chlorinator.

Before 1960, using chlorine gas had truly been a potentially hazardous business. Existing chlorinators used numerous valves and parts that could, and frequently did, fail and allow pure chlorine gas under pressure and/or chlorine solution to escape.

Haskett's invention changed all that. He mounted his system directly on the tank and placed the ejector at the point of injection where the application needed to be chlorinated. Vacuum, rather than pressure, now moved the gas from the cylinder valve to the ejector resulting in the reduction of numerous parts and only a single vacuum line was needed. If that line failed accidentally, the gas flow would STOP immediately.

Jim Haskett's “chlorinator” was safer and more efficient. It was so innovative and well received that his direct-cylinder mounting concept became the world's standard by the time he sold the company in 1970.

In 1975, he and his wife, Diane, designed a new chlorinator that was even better than his original in terms of serviceability, durability and reliability. They founded a new company, Chlorinators Incorporated, which is as successful as Haskett's original company, and for the same reasons: strong product, ongoing research resulting in continual improvement and an intense devotion to quality, innovation, reliability and customer service.

Diane Haskett is still the owner and President of Chlorinators Incorporated. Under her leadership, the company's original REGAL™ product line of Gas Chlorinators and Sulphonators has continually expanded to include Gas Ammoniators, Gas Detectors, the REGAL SMARTVALVE™ (Flow Pacing Valve), Single and Dual Cylinder Scales, Electronic Scales, and Vacuum Monitors. Industries served are municipalities, dairy farms, poultry farms, meat, fruits and vegetables, beverages, potable drinking water, irrigation, cooling towers, sanitary sewage, commercial pools and any process that needs to disinfect water and wastewater.

Every REGAL™ Gas Chlorinator component is made with pride in the USA! The company continues to be a world leader in chlorinator technology, while remaining very strongly committed to its founding philosophy.
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