Chlorine is a disinfectant used for purifying water. Just like the chlorine bleach in your laundry room kills stains, the tiniest amounts of chlorine can be used to kill germs and bacteria in our water.

We need clean water to drink, to bathe, to swim. We want our foods processed with purified water to prevent contamination and disease. We have to treat our sewage for the same reasons.

Clean, pure water is the backbone of everyday life, and chlorine is what keeps it pure.

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When sodium and calcium hypochlorites are contaminated, a spontaneous chemical reaction can result in an uncontrolled chlorine gas release. This is what causes the majority of accidents and injuries the media mistakenly attributes to gas chlorine. The American Association of Poison Control Centers nationwide recently reported a total of 57,493 chlorine exposures. Of these, 66% were attributed to sodium hypochlorite and 25% to calcium hypochlorite. Gas chlorine was involved in only 9% of these exposures.

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2) Safety: during the past 35 years, statistics prove gas chlorine is the safest method used. It is the safest form of chlorine to use, handle and store.

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