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Regal Chlorinators' Product Literature
Company Information
Regal Company & Product Information
Gas Chlorinator/Gas Sulphonator Flow Diagram

Sales Bulletins / Specifications
Gas Chlorinator Models 210/220/250
Automatic Switchover Gas Chlorinator Models 216/226/256
Direct Mounted Chlorine Ton Container Adapter
Direct Cylinder Mounted Gas Ammoniator to 100 PPD & Model 310/316 Vacuum Operated, Automatic Switchover Gas Ammoniator to 100 PPD
Gas Sulphonator Models 710/720/750 & Automatic Switchover Gas Sulphonator Models 716/726/756
High Capacity Gas Chlorinator Model 2101 & High Capacity Automatic Switchover Gas Chlorinator Model 2107
REGAL Series 3000 Gas Detector
REGAL Series 7000 SMARTVALVE for use with Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide for Flow pacing, residual control and compound loop
Mechanical Dual Cylinder Scale Model SC 401
Electronic Single Cylinder Scale Monitor Model 401 & Electronic Dual Cylinder Scale Monitor Model 402
REGAL Vac 1000 Vacuum Monitor
Cylinder Changing Procedure & on Container Changing Procedure

Instruction Manuals / Bulletins
Instruction Manual 1211: Chlorinator Models: 210, 220, 250, 2101, Sulphonator: 710,720,750 Ammoniator: 310
Instruction Manual 1216 (switchover): Chlorinator Models: 216, 226, 256, 2107, Sulphonator: 716, 726, 756; Ammoniator: 316
Instruction Manual 17000: Smartvalve 7001, 7006: Flow Proportional Control
Instruction Manual 17009/17010: SmartValve 7009, 7010 for Residual Control & Compound Loop
Instruction Manual 13000: Gas Detector Series 3000
Instruction Manual 401: Dual Cylinder Scale
Instruction Manual 1212: Direct Chlorine Ton Container Adapter
Instruction Manual 1900: Ejector Check Valve Assemblies
Instruction Manual ECS 401/402: Electronic Scale Monitor Model 401/402
Bulletin 904 – Quality

Application Bulletins
Water and Wastewater
Well Water Booster Pump
Recirculated Wastewater
Chlorination in the Dairy Industry
Chlorination in the Poultry Industry
Disinfection of Fruit/ Vegetable Irrigation & Process Water
Chlorination in the Swine Industry

Especificaciónes en Español
Clorador de Gas Montado Directamente en un Cilindro -100 PPD Modelo 210 y Clorador de Gas, Operado al Vacio de Cambio Automático - 100 PPD, Modelo 216
Applicaciónes para los Clorinadores de Gas REGAL
Cloradores de Gas REGAL
Detector de gas Regal
Adaptador directo para recipientes de una tonelada para cloro
SMARTVALVE Control Proporcional del Flujo Modelos 7001 y 7006
Clorador de Gas/Sulfurador de Gas, Diagram de Flujo Diagram de Cambio de Flujo
Procedimiento para el Cambio de Recipientes; Procedimiento para el Cambio de Cilindros; Para Cloradores, Sulfonadores y Amoniadores

•Cloradores modelos 210, 210-1, 220, 220-1, 250, 250-1 y 2101; y Sulfonadores modelos 710, 710-1, 720, 720-1, 750 y 750-1; y Amoniadores modelos 310 y 310-1
Automatico Switchover
Cloradores modelos 216, 226, 256 y 2107; Sulfonadores modelos 716, 726 y 756; Amoniador modelo 316

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